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A little something about our games

The first game we released was called Fluttabyes, a simple Match 3 game involving butterflies. It was originally published by Blitz Games of Leamington Spa, UK, who are sadly now closed.

We first started thinking about making a game around 2008, when Match 3 games were gaining in popularity and introducing a new audience to gaming, the “Soccer Mom”. Our goal for the original concept was to create the simplest game possible. For mobile this meant just a single tap on the screen. Using a slight variation on the Match 3 theme we created a prototype, originally called “Zoobles”, using our own Graphics Engine and codebase. The aim of the prototype was to decide whether it was fun enough to take forward. We took a more fleshed out version of the prototype to Blitz Games and between us decided on a cute theme of butterflies, which we hoped would appeal to our target market. Blitz helped us with some artwork and audio and we took care of everything else. After a few months it was released on steam and the AppStore.


Slide!! came about through a wish to make a game with the following rules; on mobile, simple controls, easy to develop, can do the artwork ourselves. Having done tapping for Fluttabyes we decided to go with Sliding for Slide!! From these basic rules we came up with a simple block based prototype that involved sliding coloured blocks to their specific goals. Happy with what we had, we created a level editor using our own code and then built the full game in Unity.



Recently we released Boxed In for PC, on Steam and VR. Boxed In was based around an old idea to play Tetris in first person, in a room, with the blocks descending from the ceiling and eventually crushing you. Boxed In is a more ambitious title for us but thanks to Unity it was very quick and easy to develop. We hope to create a mobile version and have ideas for more game modes and features, which we will implement if sales make it worthwhile.