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A little something about us

Red Chain Games Ltd was formed in 2008 by Dean Baker and Richard M Smith.

We first met while working at Codemasters in 2000. We have since worked for Evolution Studios and Rebellion before deciding to go it alone. It has been a rollercoaster to say the least and we will look to provide some insight into forming a small dev studio, as well as struggling to keep it afloat, in the near future. Initially we created a couple of golf games for PC, which led to us getting involved with supplying software for indoor golf simulators. Currently we work exclusively with Foresight Sports, based out of San Diego, USA.

In our (very limited) spare time we still like to dabble with games development and have made several prototypes over the years, a few of which we have released as fully fledged titles. Our day job keeps us busy so we aren’t able to work on big ideas as it takes us a long time to develop them. In the future we hope to take our first step into Publishing with an interactive storybook for kids. We intend on populating this blog with information about starting and running a small independent developer as well as information on the development of our games. If there is anything you would like to ask us to cover in this blog, please contact us at, thanks for reading.